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Tahe Air Beach Inflatable Paddleboard

The Tahe 10'6 Air Beach SUP-Yak replaces the very popular BIC 10'6 Air Beach. An outstanding, all-round SUP that really excels at flat-water cruising and wave surfing with the added benefit of fitting an option kayak seat to the new Daisy Chain Attachment system. To add the kayak seat option, just select it from the drop down menu. Perfect for first-timers and families up to 108kg, the 2021 10'6 Air Beach from Tahe works so well for so many paddlers, at a best-selling size that offers ultimate durability and great value. The 2021 10'6 Air Beach from Tahe is a fantastic SUP, at the world's best selling size, making it an easy choice for paddlers up to 108 kg looking for an all-rounder. Perfect for paddlers looking to combine value and durability, the Tahe 10'6 Air Beach really excels in the category as well as performing exceptionally well at its price point.

$ 449.95 USD
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